Friday, 2 January 2015

Redding Designs – Beard Approved in Elgin County

In 2001, Rob Redding was part of a Christian band that was in need of a website. Being the industrious guy that he is, Rob purchased a book called “Learn HTML in 24 Hours”, and thus his career in website design began. The group went on to record an album in the studio and the studio asked Rob to build them a website as well – he charged only $100. Word spread about Rob’s skills and he was able to establish Redding Designs as a successful side business.

By 2011, he was working full-time at a trucking company and working all night building websites. It was clear to Rob that he couldn’t continue at this pace as it was exhausting and beginning to affect his time with his wife and children. That same year, he had acquired enough clients to cover his expenses and decided to make website design his full-time job with a business location in Aylmer.  By 2013 Redding Designs ( had hired a graphic designer, a programmer and Rob’s wife Amanda was taking over administrative duties.

The business has come a long way since Rob coded his first website in Notepad in 2001. He now offers custom website design, wordpress design, graphic design for print materials, custom logo and brand design, business card design, website hosting services, e-mail hosting and support services, social media account management and Search Engine Optimization.

Redding Designs does not use templates when building websites. They create all the code themselves so that each client can have a 100% unique, fully-customized design.

“We are branding ourselves as a fun-loving group that has a good time but provides a high quality service,” said Rob.

Part of that fun-loving reputation is that all the websites Redding Designs develops must have “The Beard Seal of Approval.”

“All the staff at Redding Designs have beards, except of course Amanda,” laughed Rob. “The Beard Seal of Approval means having a modern design, being mobile friendly, easy to navigate, having an SEO marketing plan in place and having cool, in your face, pictures and graphics.”

Rob thrives off providing services to small businesses who are dealing with the same issues that his small business is. He has clients in Spain, England and California but his relationships with local clients are particularly special.

“We have a friendly community where you can interact without pretension,” said Rob. “We want to be the company that provides high quality professional websites at small town prices.”

Rob Redding, Owner of Redding Designs 

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