Monday, 22 July 2013

The Savour Elgin Mystery Tour

The Savour Elgin Mystery Tour will begin on July 19 and run until August 6. During this time participants will be given a passport and will be encouraged to travel to a number of Savour Elgin member locations. Once each participant’s passport has been stamped at 4 different locations, they will be eligible to be entered into a draw for a basket of delicious Savour Elgin products. The passport will be available at FreshFest, at Savour Elgin member locations and at the Elgin County Economic Development and Tourism office at 450 Sunset Drive.

Savour Elgin is a program that takes visitors on a journey to 22 of the best restaurants, wineries and agritourism operations in Elgin County. For more information Savour Elgin visit

Photo Courtesy of The Arts & Cookery Bank - 1st stop on the tour! 

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