Friday, 31 July 2015

Strong Arm Forge Inc. – Transforming Lifeless Steel into Something Beautiful

Being an Industrial Millwright isn't usually associated with artistic creativity; however, that is exactly how Artist Blacksmith Scott McKay honed his metal working skills preparing him for his future career as an artist.
McKay began creating art in 1997 after seeing a metal sculpture and thinking he could use his skills to create something similar. His first pieces consisted of metal parts assembled to look like animals. Transforming lifeless, cold materials, such as steel, into unique and beautiful works of art has become extremely rewarding for McKay who now creates art full-time out of his shop and studio northwest of Shedden, Ontario. 

He is a graduate of the Haliburton School of the Arts Artist Blacksmith Course and has taken many additional courses from experienced blacksmiths in the United States. McKay is continuously studying art so he can apply new techniques to his work. He has a keen eye and his work takes on many different forms. His sculptures are often dreamed up in his imagination and driven by the materials he uses to create them. He is continually scouring scrap yards for the perfect pieces and has the innate ability to recognize when he has found something unique.
"If something at the scrap yard looks like a bird's beak, I will keep it and down the road it might end up as a beak or tail or nose of a sculpture," explains McKay.
By merging traditional forging techniques with contemporary technologies of plasma cutting, modern welding and computer design, McKay is able to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

He enjoys working with clients to create commissioned pieces. In addition to sculptures he also fabricates functional items with creative flare such as fences, stair railings, lighting fixtures and fireplace grates. McKay wants to give people an affordable alternative to products that are mass produced in big box stores. The commission process begins with an in-depth consultation followed by the sketching process and perhaps the creation of a small scale model if the project is large. A 3D model helps the client visualize how the finished product will look. Examples of McKay's work can be seen on his website

Visit Strong Arm Forge Studio at 11555 Lawrence Road, Southwold Ontario or call 519-630-5155 to begin the consultation process to own a one-of-a-kind Scott McKay original.

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