Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Savour the Flavours Culinary Boot Camp on at The Arts and Cookery Bank

Savour the Flavours Boot Camp is an Outrageously Rural experience that leads to great food, lots of fun and a few good laughs! This chef-led, intensive, outrageous culinary training demands participants roll up their sleeves, dig in and take a fresh look at the foods they eat and how they are prepared.

This summer the Arts & Cookery Bank is offering this amazing opportunity for Junior students from ages 11 - 14.
Here's what's happening in the Boot Camp:

  • An opportunity to work with real professional chefs
  • An opportunity as part of a "Chef Team" to plan and cook a Celebration Event.
  • An opportunity to tell your outrageous Boot Camp stories on our Savour the Flavour blog.
To read all about the first week of the boot camp and watch videos of campers at work visit the Arts and Cookery Bank's blogcast: http://theartsandcookerybank.com/page/news&iArticle=472

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