Friday, 21 June 2013

Where is Sandi? Walk

The “Where is Sandi ?” Walk was created when three of Sandi Pyper’s interests came together: hiking, camping and keeping a local focus.  Sandi had heard of the Camino De Santiago in Spain and had thoughts of doing a pilgrimage there.  However, she realized that walking in Elgin County would keep it local and still offer the time alone to reflect.  Having had both of her children benefit from attending Pearce Williams United Church Christian Centre in Fingal and hearing about their Called to Grow Campaign, Sandi wondered how she could help.  When she stopped into the Elgin Tourism office, everything came together.   The “Where is Sandi?”  Walk will raise funds for Pearce Williams, while promoting Elgin County.  The planning is now underway and Sandi will begin her walk Friday June 21st, with a kick off breakfast at Pearce Williams at 8:45 AM
The “Where is Sandi?” Walk will cover 326 kms across Elgin County over approximately 22 days this summer.  Sandi hopes to increase camping and outdoor awareness, while taking the opportunity to meet neighbours and enjoy their hospitality.  Sandi will promote two new programs at Pearce Williams, Farm Camp and World Camp, and tell Elgin County residents about Pearce Williams’ 50 year history of providing wonderful camp experiences for local children.  Donations supporting the Capital Campaign can be made through Pearce Williams directly.
Along the way Sandi will be visiting local farms, perhaps popping her tent and sleeping overnight on a new acquaintance’s lawn, hiking along the Trans Canada Trail, Elgin hiking Trail and through local conservation areas, Elgin’s points of interest and more.  This pilgrimage will reveal the incredible wealth of activities Elgin County has to offer, all within a few hours of home.    She will be easy to spot in her Pearce Williams t-shirt and camp hat. You can also follow Sandi on the Tourism Elgin website (
Sandi Pyper is a  resident of Elgin county and has spent  most of her career as a certified chef, Sandi has a love and passion for food, and more specifically local food. She is a mother to two children who have attended and continue to be involved with Pearce Williams Christian/Retreat Centre near St Thomas Ontario in Elgin County.
More information, including pilgrimage route and how to make a donation, can be found on the Pearce Williams webpage:
Contact Info: Meagen Pyper  Phone:  519-764-2317
Joe Richards Executive director  519-764-2317
Follow Sandi on Facebook 

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